Monday, November 06, 2006

And speaking of reading...

William connected all the bits and pieces today and started reading! I am so thrilled, and he is so proud and excited. He went through cat, mat, sat, fat and wanted "Level 2" so I tried a couple of 4 letter words. (OK, that made me laugh) fast, last, mats. Then he rearranged last to spell salt and sounded that out successfully. I need to come up with some words to have at the ready because I don't want to get into long vowel sounds or blends yet. Don't worry, I'll google "Kindergarten spelling words" or something similar instead of "four letter words."

Oh, and in anticipation of the infamous Dr. Phil homeschooling show, I have had a morning that makes me think that unschooling is completely feasible. While I was brushing my teeth, William came and told me that he'd seen a woodpecker out of his window, and that it was something he needed to learn about. "Think about it, Mommy!" he said in his typical passionate way, "There are all kinds of birds... woodpeckers, robins, eagles...I need to know about them!"

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Anonymous said...

I have a friend who unschools. I'm not sure about the Doctor Phil show you are talking about. Was it in favor or against? I always thought I would homeschool, but when the time came it wasn't right for us.

This is my first time here. I look forward to coming back to read more.