Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Really bummed

Cathy Zielske has discontinued blogging and I miss her quirky expressiveness. I haven't broken the habit of daily checking her blog and I feel a pang when it comes up "NOT FOUND" in big black letters. She left open the possibility of starting again later on, so I am optimistically leaving the bookmark set.

In other news, today is school picture day at Creation Corner. I had to wake Katie up--obviously a gamble!-- to get dressed, etc., this morning, and then spent every ounce of my energy getting/keeping her happy. Her choice of clothing wasn't too outlandish or inappropriate for the weather...is it possible that we're making progress on this front??

It is cold today; Krypto's water bowl had a layer of ice from being outside overnight. William thought that was the most exciting thing ever. I was too distracted with Katie to squeeze in a little science on that one, but I feel sure there will be another cold day or two in our future.

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Mama Nirvana said...

Is your dog a schnauzer/poodle? I grew up with a schnauzer named Nikki.