Friday, September 15, 2006


I was up until 4:30 this morning, and then spent another good chunk of the morning, but my cards for the card swap tonight are finally finished!!! I'm going to have to order more black ink tonight; stamping the sentiment with an almost-dried-out pad was a real drag. The scan is crazy crooked, but it shows up so much better than the pictures I tried to take, so here it is. I thought this faux postage looked like an easy card to make...didn't even think about how hard it would be to line up all the images until I was well into the project. I had already made 12 other cards but they are, sadly, too ugly to trade. Just wasn't willing to go to Plan C so I soldiered bravely on.

I told Char last night that I had unmounted all my stamps. She didn't take it as well as I had expected. I am bound and determined to love this system, though. And truth be told, I had more fun (and more success!) stamping last night than I ever have before.

4:30 in the morning, what was I thinking?! As soon as I get packed up for tonight and do some school with William and Katie, I think I am taking a NAP.

PS: If my lovely card isn't showing up, please leave me a comment. I see weird code at the top of the post, but if I click "preview" I see the picture. Somehow that makes me think it's not going to show up for anyone else.

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Char said...

Great Card Wendy! I hope to see one in my mailbox!