Saturday, August 12, 2006

Th-th-th-that's all folks!!

Scott finished his ACSC course yesterday!! YAY! I am so happy we (oops, I meant to say "he") won't have that hanging over our (er, "his") heads any more. This is a cause for Great Celebration. I hereby deputize anyone reading this blog to celebrate on our behalf in whatever way you choose. Since ACSC was a long, drawn-out thing--what did it take, sweetie, 18 months?--it seems logical that we should have a long, drawn-out celebration. Maybe not 18 months of celebrating, but maybe one night of celebration for each test. If only Scott liked Mexican food and chocolate as much as I do. Ah, well, we each have to celebrate in our own ways, n'est-ce pas?

Speaking of celebrations, I'm going to see Talledega Nights on Monday. I need a name for this group of friends..."three Strawberries, my stylist and a neighbor" doesn't have the panache this particular group deserves. I must put some serious thought into this. Feel free to leave suggestions. The Strawberries are me, Angie & Maria; Michelle is the stylist and Lona is Maria's neighbor. Is Jana coming? I had better email her while I'm thinking of it. Lona stamps, but not in Katrice's group, and Maria doesn't stamp, so at best we're "5 Stampers and their Brown Friend" if you go that route. Maybe we'll be the Strawberries and Wannabes, a la the Sweet Potato Queens.

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Mama Nirvana said...

Congratulations to you both! You definitely deserve to do a lot of celebrating!

I love your updates, Wendy!