Monday, June 26, 2006

Happy birthday, William!

William...aka Bageeda...aka the Boodleman turned six today. Every year I say it just doesn't seem possible that he's X years old already! Six candles on that cake looked so crowded. If I could have gotten them to stay lit, it would have looked like a tiny little bonfire. We let him pick where he wanted to go for his birthday dinner and he immediately picked "the breakfast place." That's my boy, I love me some Cracker Barrell! I was already mentally ordering when he said, "No, no, not Cracker Barrell; the other breakfast place!" My heart sank...Bob Evans? "Yeah, that's the one! That's what I want!" Yippee. And it wasn't that bad, but dang, baby, if you're just gonna order silver dollar pancakes, couldn't you have done it at Cracker Barrell??

He was sitting across from me in the booth and I couldn't stop staring at him. He was really happy to be there; his eyes were sparkling and he was laughing and grinning. That is one gorgeous child right there, if I do say so myself. He has us both completely wrapped around his finger.

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