Monday, November 17, 2014

Watch Me Grow

This may be one of my favorite crafty projects of all time.  I used my cricut to cut 4 1/2" circles from cardstock, Then I chose one picture (I usually pick my favorite, but if the birthday kiddo has a strong preference, I try to use their choice.) for each year of their life. I cut the pictures into 4 inch circles, affixed them to the cardstock and threaded everything onto some sturdy jute twine.

Both of my children were born toward the end of the month, so I pop this banner up in the kitchen at the first of their birth month. Each year we add a current picture. It is so much fun to watch my babies transform into little ones, then school age, and now into their teens through this simple banner.

I loved this idea so much that I also made a scrapbook layout for each child that I maintain in conjunction with the banner.  Can you believe that 18 years' worth of birthdays will fit on two 12x12" pages?? I always think of the sweet old ladies in the grocery store/post office/restaurants who would tell us frazzled moms with babies and toddlers to "Savor every minute! It goes so fast!" My son only has four empty circles left on his layout. I get choked up just thinking how fast they'll fill up.

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LCSmithSAVED said...

Genius! I am doing this for each of my grandbabies :D Thanks!