Friday, October 03, 2014

Homeschool Week in Review (week 6)

This past week was a little odd, because my husband and my son were out of town. He did all of his work before leaving, so he had a guilt-free week off. And he made the most of it! They went hiking and fishing and, by all accounts, had a wonderful time! They broke the family record for number of fish caught in one day--the biggest one my son caught weighed a whopping 45 pounds!!

(This isn't the 45-pounder; this is the third of five that he caught!)

Back at home, my daughter and I just focused on the three Rs. (This is my favorite homeschool freedom! We do this when we don't want to/can't go full tilt, but we don't want to fall behind, either.)

Math: Katie just wrapped up chapter 3 and took the quiz. She's flying through math this year!
Grammar: She finished the chapter on basic sentence structure and will take the test next week.
Literature: We fell a little behind on her biography. I would have thought she would devour a book about Milton Hershey (See what I did there??) but it hasn't captured her attention. I think I'm going to extend the unit by one week so that we can finish it without being rushed and grumpy.
Science (co-op class): Things are running reasonably smoothly on this front. There's still a lot of intense reading, but I feel like she *understands* what they're learning right now, so that makes a huge difference.
IEW (co-op class): I love this class; it's so enjoyable to help with their assignments but not actually teach the material. They're both becoming strong writers--and they know it! We've had lots of academic struggles over the years, and it does everybody's heart good to excel in this area!

Since we had a lighter workload, we made a point to enjoy our extra time. Katie follows a YouTube channel called Nerdy Nummies and frequently asks to make the recipes. Cooking can be really fun when you have a little extra time! She made hamburger cupcakes and they were DELICIOUS.

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