Monday, August 25, 2014

Menu Plan Monday 8/25/14

Since I haven't blogged in more than two years, I'm going to start slow. You know, like going back to the gym after a long absence. Sharing our menu plan for the week was always an easy way to ease back into blogging and Lord knows I like to talk about food.

Monday--Skillet lasagna. (The kids like it better if it's called lasagna. It's cheese ravioli with meat sauce with mozzerella melted on top. I've had REAL lasagna lessons and have felt guilty about the name of this dish ever since. It's so far from the same thing that I pretty much live in fear that my Italian friend is going to find out and never speak to me again.) 

Tuesday--Beef and broccoli. This one is a crowd-pleaser. The recipe is here. The only change I make is to double the sauce, because the sauce is the boss!

Wednesday--Salmon over pasta. Easy & quick: a thin spread of Grey Poupon over salmon filets, bake it and serve atop fettuccine that you've stirred a little pesto into. 

Thursday--Red beans and rice. I recently had a life-changing epiphany. (Is that redundant? Are all epiphanies, by definition, life-changing?) I've been making red beans & rice wrong for the last twenty years. My cajun friend Robin finally convinced me to put in the time and make them right, from dried beans, soaked overnight and cooked all day. Seriously, they taste like heaven this way. Add some cornbread and some sauteed spinach, and we are all blissed out.

Friday-- Matthew West is doing a concert at our church this Friday, so we won't have time to do our normal homemade pizza & movie thing. Guessing we may grab some restaurant food. We've really been into this place called Cosi lately. 

Saturday--Homemade pizza night, because I forgot about the Matthew West thing while doing the shopping, so we already have all the ingredients. It would be a shame not to use them, right??

Sunday lunch--Chicken broccoli pie. Recipe here. She does individual pockets for her family; I just load it all into a pie plate. I use my grandmother's pie crust recipe instead of using a packaged one. Using a pre-made crust saves a ton of time and mess, but c'mon, this is Sunday lunch we're talking about.

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