Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Daybook, August 25

For today, Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Outside my window... it is absolutely beautiful today. We had a micro-rainstorm yesterday afternoon and today is noticeably cooler, with non-existent humidity.

I am hearing... Katie is coloring and telling me how excited she is about taking an art class this year.

I am thinking... how much I hope that the art class comes through!

I am thankful for... our newly installed wi-fi. I've had several times throughout the past month that I've wanted to sit down and blog, but alas! Though the iPhone can do many things, I have not found a way to blog from it. Here's hoping that I will be able to start blogging consistently soon.

I am wearing... workout shorts and a t-shirt. I started the day with plans to do school with the kids, work on unpacking and organizing the house and hit the gym. Now, at 3:03 pm, I am halfway through my son's schoolwork and almost halfway through my daughter's. My brain is so exhausted that a physical workout is the very last thing on earth I want do. Which probably means it's exactly what I need most.

From the learning rooms... we are in our second week of school. In a radical change from how we've done things in previous years, the children are in a private school two days a week and homeschooled by me three days a week. We are thrilled with this new development, but the mechanics are taking a little getting used to.

I am creating.... a new home for us!! Such an exciting, exhausting time. We're probably 60% unpacked, but I've only found a home for 30% of our stuff...and can only remember about 10% of where I stashed anything! It's pretty comical to open three or four drawers in the kitchen before finally locating your favorite knife. (And why is it right next to the knife that we only keep for carving pumpkins? Surely one of these knives is in the wrong spot!)

Pondering these words... "Nothing is easy to the unwilling." (Nikki Giovanni) I have several opportunities coming up that are going to stretch me. In all likelihood, it won't be easy; but being open and willing to pursue each opportunity will make it easier. So, this is me, about to tackle some hard things, willingly. I'll keep you posted on whether Nikki Giovanni is a genius or a blithering idiot. LOL!!

From the kitchen...Beef and Broccoli if I end up going to the gym. If I stay home, probably grilled burgers. I am looking forward to getting into a routine of cooking dinner again!

Around the house... Since I've already mentioned that we have a good bit of unpacking still to do, I'll throw out that for the first time in my married life, I am about to choose a color scheme for the house. Can you imagine?? Painted walls! And I'm not talking "Builder's Beige" either! I'm looking at RED for one. (I hope I don't lose my nerve!)

Looking ahead this week: I'm going to be seeking out spa experiences for myself and the dog. I saw a strip center just north of us that has a "Beautiful Nail" and a dog grooming shop. I'm all about the one-stop shopping! :-)

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