Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A glimpse into our homeschooling day

We were 90% finished with school for today when we took a break for lunch. Once our tummies were full, Will wanted to finish his last subject and then play; Katie wanted to play for 20 minutes and then finish. Then, in a twist that no one--especially the dog--saw coming, Katie decided that nothing else was going to happen until she brought Krypto up to speed academically.

She had a few questions first:

"Mommy, what grade is Krypto in?"

"Mommy, what grade did you say Krypto is in?"

"Mommy, can I teach Krypto Kindergarten?"

"Mommy, can you tell William that he has to hold Krypto while I teach Kindergarten?"

"Mommy, can you tell Krypto to pay attention?"

"Mommy, is Krypto allowed to stand on the desk?"

At this point, there was really nothing to do but start recording the insanity.

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