Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A little long-overdue craftiness

I wanted to share the Valentine's I made last month but never got around to posting. (OK, if you want the whole truth, some of my Valentines finally made it into the mail just last week and I wanted the recipients to see them first. Things have been really chaotic here lately!)

This one was for Will. On the inside it said, "Have I toad you lately that I love you?" He liked that it wasn't all girly, so I was happy that he was happy.

Katie's had to be pink and purple. I embossed all the hearts and she was impressed with that. I was pretty much ecstatic that she liked her card.

I cheated a little with this card. It came out just how I envisioned it, which happens so seldom that I decided to make one for both my mom and my husband.

My father is a Valentine baby, so he got a birthday card. He's a retired CPA and I have saved this little piece of ledger paper for months to make a card for him. Wouldn't you know the ink on the sentiment would smear?? Pfffft. I just told myself it added to the handmade charm. (But I'll be more careful next time!)

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