Monday, February 08, 2010

Eating my words

We got 2 feet of snow back in December. Two feet! A week later, more snow was in the forecast and Will & Katie assumed that we would get another couple of feet--"or maybe even more!!" I explained to them that they would probably never see snow like that again in their lifetime. Sure enough, our next two snowstorms yielded only a couple of inches of accumulation. But on Friday, it started to snow like I have never seen. The word "blizzard" was being tossed around and it didn't feel like an exaggeration! It was like being inside a snow globe!

It snowed from 10:00 am on Friday until late afternoon on Saturday and we ended up with (at least!) another 2 feet, just weeks after I told Will & Katie that they'd never, ever, ever see snow that deep again.
I didn't venture out to play in the snow this time, but Scott and Will have been sledding maniacs. When I heard what they were doing--sledding on their tummies on somebody's inner tube, down a hill and then into the air over the snowplow-made mountain--I decided it was better for me to just have cocoa ready for them when they came back in. Maybe tomorrow I will get some pictures of the action, along with the flushed pink cheeks and sweat-plastered hair Will sports when he comes bursting back inside to report on the excitement I'm missing. Yes, definitely--this needs to go in the scrapbook. Because how often do you get two feet of snow?

Don't answer that.

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