Friday, October 02, 2009

Because, apparently, I don't have *quite* enough going on...

I joined an online challenge to scrapbook one page every day in the month of October. My intention was to get "page kits" ready for a scrapbooking weekend coming up later this month, but somehow I started actually scrapbooking. These are the quickie pages I did yesterday and today:
I took the first picture downstairs and second in the living room and I can't get over how different the light is. All the red paper is exactly the same, but you sure can't tell it from the pictures!

It's kind of bugging me that the second page has no photos, but I had already finished pages for most of our Christmas activities, so these pages are just supposed to introduce the Christmas section. It's okay, right? Right?? And I added some doodling on the patterned paper on the first page after I took the picture, so it's less stark than it looks here.

I just crack up every time I see that picture of Will & Katie. That is the shot that went into our Christmas cards. I told them to go get dressed for the Christmas picture and this is what they came back with--a ballet costume and antlers!! Maybe this year I'll get one of those shots with coordinating Christmas jammies for a change...but I doubt it.

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