Monday, January 26, 2009

Wendy's Daybook for 1/26/09

For January 26, 2009

Outside my Window...we're seeing the first snow flurries we've had all winter. Will and Katie are so insanely excited about this.

I am thinking...if there is snow falling outside, it would probably be smarter not to be barefoot in the house. Next time I'm upstairs, I'm grabbing some nice fuzzy warm socks.

From the learning rooms... Will hates spelling, or so he's been telling me constantly since last week. This morning his spelling lesson went smooth as silk. What's up with that? (Not that I'm complaining!!)

I am thankful for...
clean laundry, hot breakfasts, good memories of wonderful friends and a good nights' sleep.

From the is Chinese New Year (Welcome, Year of the Ox!) so we're having Orange Chicken and homemade egg rolls.

I am wearing...a red shirt and yoga pants.

I am reading... Sarah Witcher's Story aloud to Will (and Katie, when she feels like it). It's part of our school curriculum. I am between books for myself, at the moment, but a trip to the library will solve that!

I am hoping...our trip to Target in a few minutes won't be cause for a Mommy meltdown.

I am creating...paper lanterns to decorate for Chinese New Year. I would like to be creating Chinese dragons, but I'm just not sure I have it in me today.

I am hearing...Will and Katie building a movie theater in the living room. (and wondering how much building is really involved in such a project? I'm scared to look.)

Around the house....I have a couple of loads of laundry leftover from the weekend that need folding. I'm noticing that when there's no football on tv, Scott doesn't seem to get around to folding. Ah, well...I'll find something on Tivo and take care of it real quick.

One of my favorite things....warm brownies.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The mom and dad are arriving on Thursday, so we'll be busy-busy-busy getting ready for their visit. Katie is having her birthday party (two full months late. ooops!) on Saturday, with a matinee showing of "Hotel for Dogs." I really need her to finalize the guest list; it seems to be growing each time she runs through the names.

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Mama Nirvana said...

So happy to see you posting again.


Susan said...

I was about to say the same thing! I know I can't talk, but I really need you to be way more reliable than's comforting.