Monday, August 04, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

Have you seen The Simple Woman's Daybook? It's a weekly meme that I absolutely loved the first time I saw it, because it is all about slowing down enough to see what is going on in your life right now, at this moment. It is hosted by Peggy at

Outside my kids and the child next door are planning a playdate. They think I can't hear them, and I'm smiling because unless they plan on climbing over the railing of our second-story deck, they'll have to come through the sunroom to get there.

I am thinking...that the neighbor child's mom either doesn't know what they're planning or doesn't know what she's getting into!!

I am thankful for...the comfort of true friends.

From the kitchen...I am planning a dinner of pork chops (specially for Katie) with rice and green beans. Tomorrow we'll have cinnamon muffins and scrambled eggs for breakfast--doesn't that sound yummy?

I am for several friends--for birthdays, sympathy and "just because."

I am get everyone in bed on time tonight...or die trying. I've had a come-and-go headache all afternoon and it's going to be an early evening.

I am wearing...a comfortable navy knit skirt and red top (I almost always wear red on Mondays; it's a T.G.I.M. trick I learned back when I was still working.)

I am reading...a Bridget Jones-y bit of fluff called Getting Over It and longing for something that will engage and stretch my brain. (A sure sign of too much summer reading, I think!)

I am hoping...Scott will be home early-ish. (It's not looking at all promising. I'm about to even stop hoping for "on time.") Ah, well. It will give me time to set up a tranquil evening.

I am hearing...the dog's toenails on the wood floor. You would think that indicates quiet--and I suppose you're right--but it also shows that I can hear people blinking across the street when I have a headache.

Around the house...lots of opportunities to organize. How's that for positive spin?

One of my favorite reading (to my kids, to myself--doesn't really matter!)

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The supply shopping, a trip to the library, more swim lessons, a playdate or two, some reading, writing and creating, a trip to the post office (and, inevitably, two Excedrin afterwards)

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...the requisite photo that proves we went to King's Dominion. (We were having too much fun to take many photos once we were two feet further into the park.)


DebD said...

you said: lots of opportunities to organize. How's that for positive spin?

Bwaaahahah.... that sounds like my life!

(I've come over from The Simple Woman's Daybook)

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

I love reading these entries, and so glad I found you on the list at the Simple Woman's Daybook! I need to read more. I used to read so much but lately, it seems I can't concentrate like I used to. One or two sentence things are about all I can handle!

I'll be back again!


marye said...

Red on MOndays, huh?
Maybe I should try your daybook!

Laurie said...

Oh my gosh! I found that blog today! I put it in my favorites so I could do it later tonight and I just got on and thought I would check your blog and you have it posted! How bizarre, don't you think?

DebD said...

Wendy, coming back to say thanks for visiting my blog and THANKS for sharing the tea company link. I loved it.

(I cross commented because I figured if you're like me its hard to remember whose blog you've commented on and what you said where.)

kadezmom said...

The Secret Sisters of flylady dropouts! Me too!

Hope the headache is gone, and darlin'...I've been married 15 years now, my kids are teens, and I'm STILL waiting for hubby to come home on time for dinner. (inevitably, if he's early, it's a serve yourself from the refrig kind of dinner)

See ya next week?