Friday, August 29, 2008

Name the animal

We eat out after church on Sundays, and I look forward to it more than any other meal of the week. We have specific criteria that a restaurant must meet to be worthy of Sunday lunch.
  1. It has to be a table service restaurant.
  2. It has to have quick service.
  3. It has to have an interactive kids menu that comes with a pack of crayons.
  4. It has to serve Italian food.
The only exception to that last criterion is Red Robin. Occasionally the need for Freckled Lemonade trumps the need for pasta. One recent trip to Red Robin yielded this kids' menu:

Katie had no trouble finding all the different animals. She had even less trouble naming all the different animals. While she was busy naming them, she also gave them siblings with names, as well as hobbies, favorite colors and favorite movies.

What I would give to have the imagination this child has.


Sweet Peas Doula said...

Your lucky to live in such a metropolitan area. If I had any criteria at all with our meals out (not that we do that often with three little boys), we wouldn't have anywhere to go.


Homeschooling Hearts for God said...

Don't you just love the way kids can come up with the funniest things? :)

We go to Red Robin a lot, but I've never splurged for the Freckled Lemonade!! I'm gonna have to give in soon....