Thursday, July 24, 2008

Swim Camp

(This was written last Thursday)

We enrolled Will & Katie in swim lessons this summer. They started on Monday and it has been a hoot to watch Katie, in particular. Since she was an infant, Katie has hated water on her face. I remember her being about 18 months old and getting caught outside in the rain. She was furious with me because the water was getting on her. (Isn't that a Bible verse? The rain falls on the just and the unjust?)

Day one: The entire focus of the first day was going completely underwater and blowing "nose bubbles." Coach Ashley was amazing and patient and Katie was practically eating out of her hand, but when push came to shove, well....only Katie could take a 30-minute swim lesson and only get the tip of her braid wet.

Day two: Coach Ashley, who Katie adores more with each passing day, asks her to do 10 underwater bobs. Katie carefully considers the offer and then sweetly counters with, "How about I do one?" Coach Ashley then says, "Let's try to do 5." and Katie responds "Or I could try to do two." Coach Ashley said, "Four?" but I could tell she knew she was beat. Katie did do the two bobs they agreed on, which amazed me. She thinks nothing of reneging on deals she makes with me.

Day three: Katie set her little jaw, determined to impress Coach Ashley, pass level one and make a trip to the treasure box.

Doesn't the thumbs-up say it all??!

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