Friday, June 20, 2008

Quotable Kids

Lately Katie enjoys counting in Spanish. "Uno, dos, tres, nachos, cinco, seis..."

William was looking for someone to play the Prince Caspian Wii game he got for his birthday. My mom, knowing her limits on the Wii, said, "I can play bowling with you, if you want." William answered sadly, "Cair Paravel is doomed."

And how's this for a Statistically Improbable Event: Katie loves to write long strings of random letters and then ask what she wrote. Tonight, in the midst of many (many) other letters, she had written WARM MILK. I would scan the page to show you, but she was so excited to have written something that she's sleeping with it clutched in her hand.

Katie's ballet recital is tomorrow morning, so check back tomorrow afternoon to see if I had a nervous breakdown!!

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