Saturday, May 17, 2008

Christmas came early

Well, technically, William's birthday came early. We gave him his birthday gift last night because he won't be here for his birthday (that's a separate post--what kind of mother lets her firstborn be away from her on his birthday two years in a row??) and we wanted him to have plenty of time to enjoy his gift before he goes on vacation.

Last night he enjoyed his gift until 11:05 pm. And he was tapping on my forehead this morning at 6:48 asking if he could start enjoying his gift again.

We got a Wii. Lord have mercy, I might as well shut this blog down now. This thing is cool!! I battled valiantly for years to keep video games out of the house. They annoy me to no end. Scott caught me at a weak moment (I had a migraine) a few years ago and we got a Game Cube. Turns out I only hate joysticks.

Last night I bowled and boxed. Boxed!! Jillian--aka William--says he's going to have me box 30 minutes a day. I think I boxed ten minutes last night and my arms are aching this morning.

When I stumbled downstairs this morning, Scott and Will were golfing. That looked like a lot of fun, too. They had set up their characters to look like them. Will's was even wearing an orange shirt. On the second hole, Will got par and Scott got five over. Bwahahaha! You just haven't lived until you get golfing advice from your seven year old.

Today we're off in a thousand different directions for Tae Kwon Do, ballet and Prince Caspian but I will try to get some pictures uploaded. The blog is looking kinda textful and my camera is full of stuff you would enjoy.


michelle said...

Sounds like your family is enjoying the new gift. We played one a couple of months ago, and I think that we are going to get one for the boys for Christmas now! It is so much fun. You will have to get that new Wii fit program, that it what I am looking forward to! Take care :)

Melinda said...

I know, I love the Wii! We got one for the girls for Christmas. I bought the Wii Fit with my birthday money today. It is HILLARIOUS! I don't know who uses it more, the girls or me & Bart.