Thursday, April 10, 2008

How many guns in a cache?

Will got some new Nerf darts. They're much "stickier" than the old, tired darts he had, so suddenly the Nerf guns are The Toy Of The Moment again. My nerves are pretty much shot.

One of the best targets in the whole entire house, apparently, is the shower. Bonus points if I'm in it. You'd think I would learn to lock the door, but every morning he tiptoes in and scares the ever-living out of me with the loud snap of the Nerf trigger followed by the smack of those blasted darts sticking to the shower door.

This morning he fired off a second round before I had caught my breath from the first. "I found my other gun!" he said, brandishing both excitedly. "Now Daddy and I can have a Nerf war!"

"He'll be thrilled," I said dryly.

"I know!" he crowed, "I know!!"

I couldn't help smiling that my sarcasm was completely lost on him. I just love this kid.

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