Saturday, April 05, 2008


Will lost a tooth yesterday morning, and as I was tucking him in last night, we had this conversation:

Will: So how does the Tooth Fairy get in the house?

me: I dunno, I guess through the chimney.

Will: No, I don't think so. The opening of the fireplace is only *this big* [fingers about 1/2 inch apart] and she could go through like this, [demonstrates other finger going partway through] but see, her bahookie* would get stuck right here.

me: Dude, seriously?

Will: oh, yeah, definitely. I've seen fairies in movies and they have kinda big bahookies.

That left me speechless. Maybe he's right. I mean, who doesn't remember this scene in Peter Pan?

Still, that kid's dang lucky that the "Tooth Fairy" didn't get her feelings hurt and cancel his payout. I'm just saying.

*I'm pretty sure he picked up this term from the movie "Open Season." There were some Scottish-sounding chipmunks, squirrels or some such up in a tree that said it.


Anonymous said...
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Mama Nirvana said...

Didn't we just talk about this at Christmas? Disney is notorious for its curvy ladies.


Nicole said...

OMGOSH! i'm crying over here from laughter!!! that is too funny!