Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy birthday Tiffany, wherever you are

When I was in third grade at Fulbright Elementary, there was a little girl named Tiffany in second grade. Her birthday was on Leap Day and her mom brought cupcakes for the entire school. That was 1980--28 years ago--and I have thought of Tiffany every Leap Day since then.

(This is a picture of Fulbright; I am including it for my sister who I am sure will get a charge out of seeing it again. I perused the teacher directory but didn't recognize any names. That's good; I think finding out that Mr. Strauss is still teaching third grade in 2008 would have spoiled my day.)

I've been pondering what we could do here in the Button Factory to celebrate Leap Day. It finally came to me last night at dinner. I jokingly told the kids that we'd be having frog legs for dinner. (Get it? Leap Day, frog legs? Oh, I kill myself.) My aunt told me--years and years and years ago--that she'd fried frog legs one time and they looked like ballerinas dancing in the hot oil. I can still remember being horrified and fascinated at that mental of course I told my kids about it. They had the same delicious reaction. I have no idea where to get frog legs--Safeway?? Or do you have to procure actual frogs and do it yourself?

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Pioneering in PA said...

I'm uhhh.. just wondering if you decided to do the frog leg thing. I could never. Blah. Lol.