Thursday, January 24, 2008

My first Z card

I needed to have this card in the mail a couple of days ago and finally just got it made this morning. I used a Close To My Heart paper kit I've had for a while, and lucky me, the green matched Stampin' Up's Mellow Moss perfectly, so I was able to stamp a flawlessly-coordinating birthday sentiment in the corner. It looks-- frankly-- gorgeous. I thought the only thing that could make it more gorgeous would be to emboss it, so I quickly threw some embossing powder over the ink and turned to grab my heat gun.

In the famous words of Kid Shelleen, "No gun."

I quickly looked everywhere it could logically be, then did what I always do when I can't find something. I called my mother. I knew I could try using a hairdryer, but I knew that was definitely not the same as a heat gun. And I had already put enough work into the card that I sure didn't want to ruin it. We finally decided that I should go ahead and try it. My hairdryer blew the embossing powder right off the card. Not what I expected, but it did solve the problem. Thanks, Mama.

I've seen several Z cards on various blogs lately, but I think I don't have the dimensions quite right on this one. I love it anyway; it turned out elegant and that's what I wanted.


michelle said...

You can use any indirect heat source to try to melt the embossing powder. I have never had a heat gun of my own, but I have used the heat coming up from the toaster, or also my stove burner turned on low. You just have to be VERY careful not to scorch or burn your card, but it is a lot cheaper than paying $20 for a heat gun you will only use once in awhile.


michelle said...

Ack! I forgot to mention...beautiful card. I absolutely love the colours you chose...with or without the embossing. Yours is the first Z card I have seen. I may have to give one a try sometime.

Susan said...

Um. What's a Z card? This one is absolutely beautiful, but I don't know what makes it a Z card.

Katrice said...

Awesome card! I love it! But tell me more about Z cards. I've never heard of this, but I do love this card!