Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Curly Shirley

One of Katie's Christmas gifts was a Max & Ruby DVD. If you're not familiar with Max & Ruby, I can bring you up to speed pretty easily. They are rabbits. Ruby is the motherly big sister and Max is the mischievous little brother. They are very sweet. VERY sweet. Seriously, it's about my outermost limit of sweetness. In every episode, Max does something naughty, which in my universe would result in hasenfeffer, but Ruby just sighs and says, "Oh, Max." Katie just shakes her head after every episode and says, "That Max is a mess."

Anyway, I was just in the kitchen fixing lunch while Katie watched Max & Ruby in the other room. Max wants to go play outside, but they can't because it's a snow day. Ruby is trying to distract him with inside activities, but all Max wants to do is play outside. She even offers to let him have a tea party with her doll--because isn't that every boy bunny's dream? What caught my attention, though, is that her doll's name is Curly Shirley. Curly Shirley! I just love that. That negated my chronic irritation with all Max's shenanigans, because it made me think of a doll we had growing up. Her name was--I swear to you this is true--the big, fat doll with the curly hair.

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