Saturday, November 03, 2007

A homeschool field trip. Literally.

We spent the afternoon at an apple orchard on Wednesday with some friends from our homeschooling group. I got a few pictures. Sometimes I wonder if I homeschool because it increases photo ops for scrapbooking. Then I remember that I hardly ever have time to scrapbook anymore, so that must not be my reason.

It is the very end of apple season and the apples that were left were *high* up in the trees, so we had to use apple pickers. It added an unexpected degree of difficulty to the process, but made it that much more exciting when we actually got an apple off the tree and into the bag without it hitting the ground. There were so many smooshed and fallen apples all over the ground that when our apples fell out of the apple picker it was almost impossible to tell what was safe to pick up. The first few I picked up had rotted on the underside or worse. When I picked up an apple that had a yellow jacket coming out the other side, we decided it was best to only take apples that had never hit the ground.

I got a picture of William's first successful capture. Note the celebratory fist: "YES!"

Katie was mainly interested in tooling around with her friend. They did some picking, but then they noticed A Big Hill.

I don't think anything fascinates my kids like A Big Hill. Here's William charging down it at full speed.

Katie and her friend rolled down it a couple of times and ran down it a couple more. All those pictures show her friends face and I probably better not post those without permission. But it was a fun way to spend the afternoon.

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