Monday, October 29, 2007

Menu Plan Monday, week of October 29

Monday-Crabby Patties (didn't get these made last week because I forgot to get parsley and we were low on olive oil)

Tuesday- Lemon-Garlic Chicken. A crock pot meal because Will now has Tae Kwon Do on Tuesday night and dinner fixing itself really alleviates some chaos.

Wednesday-Trunk or Treat at church! Woo-hoo!!! We are so excited about this! Best case scenario: I'll pack a picnic dinner to eat while we set up our Narnia-themed van. But because we're also going apple picking all day, the more likely scenario is that we'll drive through someplace.

Thursday- Shrimp and asparagus over pasta

Friday- Flank steak

Saturday-Babysitter!!! (Notice how that always happens on the first Saturday after payday?!)

Sunday- Breakfast for dinner

As always, you can find millions more ideas at (GRRR! I can't make the link work properly. I guess you'll have to type it in yourself.)


Nicole said...

Yummy week! The lemon and garlic chicken sounds really good. Have a great week and Happy Halloween!

MrsMomma said...

Sounds like a great menu plan! Have a wonderful week!