Monday, August 06, 2007

100 Things About Me

It is customary in the blogosphere to post 100 things about oneself when one reaches the 100th-post milestone.

1. I am named after the song "Windy" by the Association. It's one of the songs that instantly puts me in a great mood.
2. I have trouble telling my right from my left. I have to stop and think about it and even then, I get it wrong just about as often as I get it right.
3. I will always think of myself as a Strawberry.
4. I'm a "cat person"
5. who currently happens to own a dog.
6. I'm a bit of a Prairie Muffin wanna-be.
7. Invite me for a scrapbooking getaway. I'll clear my calendar.
8. I think my husband's a hottie.
9. I get panicky if there's no chocolate in the house.
10. But cheesecake is my favorite dessert.
11. Unless it's chocolate cheesecake...I can take or leave chocolate cheesecake.
12. I snore
13. And it doesn't embarrass me at all.
14. I was a ridiculously picky eater as a child.
15. I'll eat just about anything now, even greens;
16. Except pork, I really don't care for pork.
17. One of my favorite quotes is, "You can never get a book long enough or a cup of tea big enough to suit me." (C.S. Lewis)
18. I have a favorite child.
19. It's not always the same child.
20. Sometimes it's J.B.
21. I once dreamed that I had dinner with Paul Newman. It was an awesome dream.
22. In the same week, I dreamed that my mattress was filled with rats. I woke up screaming and scared the snot out of Scott.
23. I have a small tattoo on my left ankle
24. and what used to be a birthmark on my back. Over the years, it has atrophied into a really weird looking patch of sunken skin. I don't like to wear anything that might show it.
25. I am an ugly cry-er.
26. I have a loud sneeze.
27. After being made aware that some people are annoyed by said sneeze, I started trying to sneeze quietly, but it wasn't as satisfying.
28. My favorite books are Crazy in Alabama and Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe.
29. Another favorite quote: "To those who have fought for it, freedom has a flavor that the protected will never taste." (Thomas Paine)
30. Between 1995 and 2001, I lived in six different states.
31. I've lived in two more states since then.
32. Um, yeah, married to military; why do you ask?
33. July 26 (last Thursday) was our 10th anniversary.
34. I still feel like a newlywed.
35. I despise urban legend emails.
36. But I love get-to-know-you ones.
37. I would like to get my vision corrected (can't think of the name of the surgery)
38. But I'm notoriously squeamish about anyone messing with my eyes, so it'll never happen.
39. My love language is "words of affirmation."
40. My favorite Bible verse is Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
41. I loved being pregnant!
42. I was horrified when one of the midwives casually mentioned the baby sleeping with us.
43. Seven years later, we still have an open bed policy.
44. Except the dog...Scott's not budging on that.
45. I can still remember a nightmare I had when I was about three, and thinking about it makes my heart beat faster, just because I remember how scared I was.
46. I find life very exciting, and it genuinely confounds me that some people don't.
47. I would like to learn to sew and knit,
48. but I won't because I don't have time add reading all the sewing and knitting blogs to the homeschooling, stamping and scrapbooking blogs I already read.
49. I am actually not online as much as some people think.
50. I have a book inside me that I want to get to work on.
51. I hate food-scented candles. But most of you know that already.
52. Reading bedtime stories is my favorite time of day.
53. To this day, if I listen to my mother read aloud, I fall asleep.
54. I don't really like popcorn; I usually feel sick after I eat it.
55. Real Coke, please. No Pepsi--ever.
56. If I ever happen to catch "Grease" on tv, I have to stop whatever I'm doing and finish watching it.
57. My sister and I once sat in front of the TV for literally the entire weekend, watching a 48 hour marathon of Stand-up Spotlight on VH-1.
58. Speaking of my sister, when I'm with her, I often laugh until my face hurts.
59. I always say that "A promise is a sacred thing," and I never, ever promise something lightly.
60. I would love, love, love to go to Italy someday.
61. Having my husband in the car with me turns me into a very nervous driver. He doesn't care for it much, either! HA!
62. I don't really like the color yellow. I just never seem to be in the mood for it.
63. I have a plant that I've kept alive and thriving for almost 3 years. That's a record for me.
64. I don't even know what kind of plant it is. That's how brown my thumb is.
65. In general, I prefer gold jewelry to silver jewelry.
66. I volunteered for Hawaii's Race for the Cure for 2 years and absolutely loved it.
67. I love to bake bread.
68. I wouldn't last a day on the Atkins diet.
69. Have you heard of the grapefruit diet? I didn't make it through one meal on that one. I despise grapefruit.
70. I sleep in my contacts even though I know I shouldn't.
71. I don't listen to popular music at all. My sister was astonished that I even knew who Fergie is.
72. I would eat red meat every day if I could.
73. I'm seriously considering a Betty.
74. No matter how awful it feels the next morning, I love staying up later than everybody else and having the house all to myself.
75. A disproportionate number of shirts that I buy for myself are red.
76. I cloth-diapered both my kids. (It's WAY easier than you think!)
77. This year I will be homeschooling both my kids.
78. I can't really swim.
79. I'm currently struggling with the decision of whether to let my hair go gray or fight the inevitable.
80. I like to have A Plan. Once we make A Plan, it takes me 24 hours to adjust to the idea of changing the Plan. At that point, going back to the original Plan is just as unacceptable as changing from it in the first place. This makes my go-with-the-flow husband a little nuts.
81. Actually, now that I typed that all out, I realize I'm a lot more laid-back than I used to be.
82. I hate getting a massage from anybody but Scott. It makes my skin crawl.
83. If I ever get another tattoo, it will be a strawberry.
84. I love to eat soup on rainy days, especially with a grilled cheese sandwich.
85. I will be 37 on my next birthday.
86. I have to force myself to eat breakfast.
87. I am easily distracted by background noise, so I know without a doubt that a career in telemarketing is not for me.
88. I really didn't want to change my name when I got married.
89. Ironically, many of my friends have a tendency to refer to me by my first and last name. (Not when they're talking *to* me, but when they're talking *about* me. Wait, that sounds less than positive. I mean, as in, "Let's call Wendy A* and see if she can go.")
90. I miss the party aspect of selling Pampered Chef.
91. I would gladly be responsible for folding all the laundry in the house, if someone else would do the washing and putting away parts.
92. I generally have pretty thick skin, but I cannot take even the mildest, most constructive criticism from Scott.
93. I have beautiful eyes.
94. I check my email first thing when I wake up and as soon as possible after coming home from anywhere. If my computer had a flashing light for new messages like the phone does, it would add a substantial amount of time to my day.
95. If I were a crayon, I would be red. But my favorite colors are purples and blues.
96. I know a fair bit of French, a lot of American Sign Language, and only a bit of Spanish.
97. I had surgery on my right foot when I was in college to remove a small bone that had mysteriously disintegrated. Still have the scar, and still treat that area very gingerly.
98. I miss the overly-oaked Chardonnays of the '90s.
99. I ate a duck skin sandwich on squooshy white bread--among other things I'd never had, seen or heard of before-- at a celebratory dinner in Hawaii. [Oh my gosh, I just googled duck skin sandwich and found this recipe! The one I had didn't have enough duck meat to register in my memory, but I do remember the scallion brushes as described at the end]

100. I felt significantly more interesting when I started this list than I feel at this moment.


michelle said...

I have learned so much more about you! You should try going gray with your hair, since you have been talking about it for about a year. Try it, if you don't like it color it!
Miss you,

Susan said...

A thorough, well-conceived list. Thanks for sharing! (Confessional: I woke up in time to go running this morning...and didn't. I'll feel guilt for the rest of the day. How many calories will that burn?)

mum2brady said...

Great list - happy 100th post!!!!

Mama Nirvana said...

I think that it must have something to do with our last name, because EVERYONE calls me Amy A***. I have even had people tell me that my name was a topic of dinner conversation. It must just ring.

Loved reading more about you.


Joyful Days said...

Oh my goodness!! I loved your list.

Shame on you for 70! What is a 73??? And I am so, so with you on 74.