Thursday, July 26, 2007

I feel like a kid in a candy store

Oh, man, I'm kicking myself right now for not having had a more productive morning. I still have five or six "must do's" on my list, and the UPS man just delivered...drum roll, please...

our homeschool curricula!! It's all I can do not to rip into it right this minute.

The silver lining is that my motivation for getting our classroom set up and organized just increased about tenfold. I had gloomily set September 3 to be the first day of school, but I bet I can easily be ready by August 13. This makes me so happy!!

We'll get school supplies next week. New crayons, new glue sticks, new clay. I love back to school time!

I have to get off the computer right now, or I have no chance of being on time for my big, big date tonight. But you can bet I'll be preoccupied with school ideas. Quick example: in addition to having our traditional First Day of School Muffins, we'll be doing a special art project to kick off the year.

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