Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Graduate

William finished Kindergarten last week! We put together a small ceremony to mark the big occasion. William and I, we're very big on ceremonies. We planned it all out. "I'll play some music, then you walk in, then I'll make a speech, then you make a speech." William and I, we're very big on making speeches. "Then you get your diploma." "And then gifts?" "Yes, and then gifts."

So here's how it actually went down. Right off the bat, Katie decided she needed to make a speech. (Doesn't the microphone and brick wall give the whole affair a lovely Improv feel? I think she was telling her favorite joke in this picture.)
The honoree makes his entrance. It was priceless. He walked very slowly and somberly. My mom burst into tears. Overall, a very satisfying effect.Here I am, telling him how proud I was that he had worked so hard and what a joy this year has been for me. This is the end of his first year of school, but it's just the beginning of a lifetime of learning. Good stuff like that. And I wrapped it up before anybody's eyes glazed over. [When I graduated from high school, the speaker started reading some list, and several minutes into it, we had all forgotten what the heck he was talking about. He just kept saying "Korea... Korea... Korea" in this Ben Stein monotone.]
William's speech was even shorter than mine. He thanked everyone for coming, gave me a rose (I suspect somebody made a run to the store while I getting other things ready) and thanked me for a great year. I love this kid.
And here, the honoree with his documentation. (Notice that he even moved his tassel to the other side.)

How adorable is the mortarboard?! I made that. And I made the tassel, too. Too stinking cute.

You might be wondering what one might give a Kindergartener for graduation. William received a wallet from us because to him that is quite a grown-up thing to have. I searched the universe for an orange one, but he settled for a lime green one. Hopefully that will make it easier to keep up with. My parents gave him the last two books in the Narnia series, and the traditional graduation card with money tucked in. He was thrilled.


Mama Nirvana said...

That brought a tear to my eye. Looks like you guys had a lovely, meaningful ceremony. I love the mortarboard.

Congratulations, William!


Jacquelyn said...

Oh! What a wonderful idea! I wish I had thought of that for my kids' Kindergarten graduations! William is very lucky to have such a thoughtful, creative mom!!! :)