Friday, February 23, 2007

He said/She said/He said

Yesterday William and I were clothes shopping and when I saw a display of colorful t-shirts, of course I headed over to them. I saw an orange one with a dinosaur (William's favorite thing on William's favorite color) and pointed it out to him. He looked at it for a millisecond and said, "Something's wrong with that shirt." I looked at it a little closer and saw what he meant. The front of the dinosaur looked like a T. rex, and the back looked like an apatosaurus., not an apatosaurus, exactly. It had the legs and tail of a sauropod, but the back had spikes like a stegosaurus. It was a Picasso-saurus, I guess. William was disgusted. "That shirt doesn't even make any sense," he huffed disdainfully. "It's orange, though," I said feebly, feeling like I needed to defend why I had even pointed out such a ridiculous, nonsensical shirt, but he just wasn't having it. "Nobody likes the stegosaurus anyway."

I took Will & Katie over to Maria's for "just a minute" (which always turns into us staying as long as I possibly can) because William had just earned his purple-stripe belt and wanted to show it to JB, John & Charlie. Katie usually isn't too interested in playing with the boys, but tonight when they told her she wasn't on their team, she promptly stomped up to Maria to inform her of this slight to our gender. About that time the boys all ran screaming into the room and Maria told them she was declaring their team "null and void" if Katie wasn't on it. Katie translated for them: "Dat means you in TROUBLE."

And here's one from Scott: He was telling me about a dream he had last night. Wait, wait, wait! I know dream retellings are the number one most boring thing in the universe ("But it wasn't just any grape--it was seedless!!") so I will be quick. He dreamed he was on a game show where he was given one minute to say everything he could think of to describe me. As the other contestants took their turns, his brain was whirring. Just as it was his turn, my dad became the cameraman. And right as he was supposed to start, my mom started talking a mile a minute. Email me your dream interpretations on that! HA! He said two or three times that he didn't know what it meant.


Mama Nirvana said...

All I can say know someone else with boys named John and Charlie? You've never told me this! I'm very good at interpreting dreams, except my own. Mike never remembers his (maybe one a year), so what a treat for you.


Wendy said...

Yep, my friend Lona. Only her Charlie is older than her John. I thought I had told you; I know I've told her. She & I met through Maria right about the time your Charlie was born. Oh, and the only other dream Scott has ever told me about was the one he had that we were having a baby before he knew I was pregnant with Will. When he said he had to tell me about this dream he had, I have to confess that I had a mini-pang of panic