Thursday, August 24, 2006

Day One. (Check)

May the Good Lord deliver us from strong-willed three-year-olds.

Katie's first day of Creation Corner was today, and I can't wait to hear how it went. I guess I'll have to hear it from her teachers...

Because Katie didn't go. The dress she wanted to wear got wet and nothing else was acceptable. I managed to get her downstairs in the 3rd dress but she was screaming the whole time. I got a lot of "first day of school" pictures of William (with Spotty-Dot-Dot, how cute is that?!) and one of Katie's back as she ran away screaming, "This dress does not look pretty!" I'm sure I will look back on this in the scrapbook in years to come and have a big laugh.

I got everyone in the car and Katie continued to scream until we got up to the Walgreen's at Hartman, where I turned around and came home. I spent a few minutes alone in my room calming down then we started school...or as William calls it, "William A*'s Dinosaur Academy." Katie hung out with us and wasn't too much of a distraction. I think we are going to blow through this curriculum before Christmas, because we were done in about 30 minutes. It's easy for him now, which is good because I think anything really challenging would cause him to shut down, at least until he gets used to the dynamic of us doing school together.

My favorite thing William said today: "This was so much fun; I never knew homeschool would be this fun!"

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Mama Nirvana said...

Sounds like you've got a fashion forward little girl on your hands. I'm so happy to hear that school went well today. I look forward to more updates about it. What curriculum are you using? Everone I know uses SonRise.