Sunday, July 30, 2006

Church Report

This morning we had all the typical hassle of getting out the door and then some. William started in with his standard "I think I'll just stay home today; y'all go ahead" routine and then escalated to "I'm NOT going, I HATE church, this is the WORST DAY EVER." Yeah, I just never get tired of that one. At 9:08, Scott realized he wasn't going to make Sunday School at 9:45, so he told me to go ahead and he would bring the kids at 11:00. Then William realized that I would be taking the Accord and so he wanted to ride with me. We were almost out the door when I heard Katie's voice screech, "Mine want to go with Mommy!!" We quickly explained that she was getting to ride with Daddy after her movie ended, but that most emphatically was not okay with her. Scott slapped a dress on her while I tried to sell William on the idea that now we would be taking the minivan. That most emphatically was not okay with him.

In the end it was all mostly worth it. I test-drove my friend Maria's Sunday School class. Everyone was really nice and the teacher was quite good. I think breakfast munchies at Sunday School are just brilliant. It reminds me of the Shipley's donuts my parents' class used to have at Pulaski Heights Baptist. It was Maria's week to bring the snacks and she and I had been talking with another lady about the merits of homemade snacks vs. storebought snacks. (My position, of course, is anytime somebody feeds you, it's good.) Another lady came up to welcome me and tell me there were snacks on the table. Without thinking that she had not been in on the rest of our conversation, I said, "Yeah, I saw they were storebought, and I have higher standards than that." Whaa-a-a-t?! She turned out to have a really good sense of humor.

OK, so big church. We had a guest speaker who spoke on saying goodbye to close friends out of the book of Philemon. How timely. I was okay, and then I had this flashback to when Patrick came and picked Matthew & Joshua up for the last time. It was no secret to anybody that I love those boys like they are mine and I was completely feeling it at that moment. I wanted to beg him to let me keep them. I was sobbing...and trying to act like I wasn't...and thinking why was he buckling them in so fast, was he just being mean??! So the whole time this guy is talking about friendship & everything, I'm just losing it over my two extra guys in Florida. I think it's because I can call Char or Kara or Melinda and have a conversation and be connected to them again. But my relationship with Matthew & Joshua was more about watching them play with William & Katie, watching them grow and develop, and--when I was lucky--getting a hug or cuddle. Can't do that over the phone. Big sigh.

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